The Pangu Team Ready for Next Jailbreak, No Waste in Using New Exploits

By | July 5, 2014

The PanGu jailbreak which was developed by a team of Chinese hackers was completely unexpected. It was originally thought to be fake, but in time people came to believe in their jailbreaking tool – that it worked, and that it’s legitimate. To begin with it was difficult to use the jailbreak because it was written up in Chinese, and this of course was one of the reasons for doubt.

This new PanGu version is available for both Windows and Mac, and is now in English. PanGu is very efficient at jailbreaking iOS 7.1.2. All devices running iOS 7.1 to 7.1.2 are supported.

PanGu v1.1 is the name for the newly released PanGu version, and its use of new exploits is what’s making the community of hackers uncertain about future jailbreaks. The original PanGu version used an exploit which had been discovered by the famous hacker iOn1c (Stefan Esser). iOn1c accused the PanGu team of being fake, and of using his iOS hacking training lessons to copy his own exploits.

Following this accusation, a jailbreaking tool with newer exploits was released by the PanGu team. The use of these new exploits has been criticized widely by most people in the jailbreak community, because these could have been used in the future.

The accuser, iOn1c, said it was a ‘shame’ because it destroyed more bugs.

A lot of people in the jailbreaking community believe that the release of the new PanGu with the new exploits was a waste of precious loop-holes which may have been used in the future to jailbreak iOS 8, however the PanGu team are not concerned. One member of the team said on the wasting of new exploits:

Launching PanGu has already proved that we are capable to probe and exert any prospective exploit. The notion of “Waste” doesn’t exist on our mind. We will keep going to put most efforts on the next perfect Jailbreak. This is our first, but won’t be the LAST!

At the moment we have five team members at PanGu @windknown @dm557 @tb557 @modikr and @zengbanxian

They advised that when it comes to jailbreaking they’re all newbies, however they intend working to provide the jailbreak community with free jailbreaks in future. It seems that they have a lot to learn, however the speed at which they work probably means they’ll be able to jailbreak all versions of iOS. Great for the people, and great for Apple too – it means that Apple will increase the total security of iOS.

So it will be interesting to see where the PanGu jailbreak proceeds from this point. Currently, all hackers are waiting for the public release of iOS 8. So the question is – out of PanGu and Evad3rd, who will beat the competition and be the first to release a jailbreak for iOS 8? It’s going to be interesting, and only time will tell.

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