Pangu Update Ready to Jailbreak After iOS 7.1.2 Release

By | June 30, 2014

Today Apple released iOS 7.1.2 and we now confirm that the newly updated Pangu 1.1 jailbreak tool works really well with this new version. Even though Pangu was released before iOS 7.1.2 was released to carriers (meaning that it was quite unlikely that the security holes would be patched) there was always that possibility that there would be changes made by Apple, and security holes might be patched before publicly releasing the update.

But no, last week’s Pangu jailbreak tutorial still stands, and you just need to follow the same guidelines we published previously to jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 and get Cydia running on your device. However, it should be noted that there’s now an update to this jailbreak tool, supporting OS X. and we would strongly suggest that you use this new version if you’re contemplating jailbreaking your iOS 7.1.2 device.

What’s new in iOS 7.1.2

The new iOS 7.1.2 update arrives with several security updates and bug fixes for iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone terminals that are running Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.

Apple users wanting to install this update should do so by connecting their computer to the device and updating using the Over-The-Air (OTA) software update method found in ‘Settings-General-Software Update menu’, or alternatively by updating through iTunes.

Notes provided with the update state that iOS 7.1.2 fixes a Mail bug whereby email attachments could be incorrectly encrypted, and it also patches a bug which caused certain data transfer problems with third-party accessories.

Initially this update appears to be relatively minor when compared to other iOS updates. However, the security vulnerability log for iOS 7.1.2 notes that this software update also corrects another bug which would allow an attacker to “potentially bypass Activation Lock”.

As you know, the Doulci team’s Activation Lock bypass tool was unveiled this month, but it’s not yet known if this fix will patch this vulnerability.

UPDATE: Jailbreak developer, Steven De Franco (@iH8sn0w), confirmed that iOS 7.1.2 closes the Activation Lock vulnerability used by Doluci.

Apple fixed the server side bug (certifyMe service) weeks ago and also added a flood protection to ensure a limited number of activation requests can be done within for example: 10 seconds.

The iOS 7.1.2 update has also addressed a further bug which would permit an attacker (if they had physical access to the phone) to gain full access to the phone’s contacts through Siri. This issue has been addressed by Apple in that a passcode check has been added in order to reveal a full contact list via the Siri voice assistant.

Apple iOS 7.1.2 is compatible with the iPad Air, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and the iPad2, in addition to the iPhone 5S, 5C, 4S and 4.

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