My iPhone Keeps Restarting – Quick Fix

OK, so your iPhone keeps restarting and you don’t know what to do. Before you go further you need to know that there’s a chance of being a software problem, usually an operating system issue (iOS), but there’s also the possibility that the problem might be hardware related. If your iPhone is still opening you… Read More »

How to Download YouTube Videos Without an App

When someone is asking me to take a look at their computer because there might be a virus or some malware (and most of the times there is), usually a YouTube video download App or browser extension is involved. I find that this is happening even more often than game crack infections to computers. I… Read More »

The iPhone 8 Price May be Above $1000

Just yesterday we have suspected the there is a high chance to see a price bump for the upcoming iPhone 8 and today Fast Company already reports that the price might be close to $1000 and even higher. This doesn’t take us by surprise at all as Apple took this rout already with the 2016… Read More »

Android Wear Pay Popped Up in Google Play

Searching for your credit card or even your phone in stores might be a thing of the past, now that Android Wear Pay will be available directly from your wrist by using your smart watch! This information can be considered 100% official as it is taken directly from the Android Pay App in Google Play… Read More »