6 FREE VPNs for iPhone You Can Trust

iPhone’s iOS is one of the most reliable and safest operating systems this day, but that does not mean we are fully protected on the internet. VPNs are the perfect tools for maintaining our online privacy, security and freedom, but not all VPNs can work with iPhone. Also, free iOS-enabled VPNs are limited in terms… Read More »

Sharing WiFi Password in iOS 11 it’s Easy and Safe

One of the most convenient features of iOS 11 is the ability to share with a friend or guest access to the Wi-Fi network without entering a password. Both Apple devices must have iOS 11 installed and Bluetooth activated. On the guest iPhone, open the familiar Wi-Fi connection screen, go to Settings / Wi-Fi, and… Read More »

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MacOS Users Under Attack by New Malware Scam [Dok]

CheckPoint, a security research team has uncovered new malware for macOS. It allegedly interferes with all versions of the macOS operating system and is signed by a valid Apple developer certificate. Malware was named ” OSX/Dok ” and spread through phishing e-mail campaigns. The said campaign should be, according to researchers focused specifically on MacOS… Read More »