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The iPhone 8 Price May be Above $1000

Just yesterday we have suspected the there is a high chance to see a price bump for the upcoming iPhone 8 and today Fast Company already reports that the price might be close to $1000 and even higher. This doesn’t take us by surprise at all as Apple took this rout already with the 2016… Read More »

Android Wear Pay Popped Up in Google Play

Searching for your credit card or even your phone in stores might be a thing of the past, now that Android Wear Pay will be available directly from your wrist by using your smart watch! This information can be considered 100% official as it is taken directly from the Android Pay App in Google Play… Read More »

Apple AR Glasses to be Announced in 2017

We spoke earlier about a possible leaked invitation for Apple keynote and it looks like there might be a new product presented at the event, the Apple Glass. 2017 might be the year when we can see Apple’s take on Augmented Reality glasses. The Source It is not the first time when people talk about… Read More »

Windows 10 Cloud ISO Download Available

Recently Windows 10 Cloud ISO file leaked and was made available for download already. It looks like Microsoft is trying to compete with Chrome OS by Google and sees a feature in Chromebook like devices with operating Systems that are designed to be simple and made to work mainly online. One of the key differences… Read More »

Apple Keynote 2017 Leaked Invitation

The above image is a supposedly leaked invitation for the Apple keynote event of 2017 where everyone is expecting to see the introduction on the 10 years anniversary iPhone 8. There is no official confirmation regarding this leaked invitation, but of course, no leaked information regarding Apple events or products were ever confirmed beforehand. If… Read More »