iPhone 8 Release Date, Price and Features

By | February 8, 2017

Without a doubt, iPhone 8 is the most expected smartphone of 2017 and now, supply chain sources suggest that the production of the iPhone 8 is scheduled earlier than usual. Analysts also noted that the production of the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and iPhone SE is considerably reduced as Apple prepares the iPhone 8 launch. This can have in impact on the release date as well.

iPhone 8 concept design with rounded screen

iPhone 8 Release Date

There has been some rumors lately about a leaked keynote invitation and now with the sources citing earlier production, it is speculated that the iPhone 8 release date might be somewhere in June 2017 so iPhone fans might be able to put their hands on the iPhone 8 earlier than expected initially!

Of course, we need to take into consideration that most of the analyst are saying that the release of the iPhone 8 will be a huge success, at least in terms of units sold, so Apple might be preparing a stock to be able to deliver the expected numbers for it’s 10 years anniversary iPhone. This would bring us to a second possible release date for the iPhone 8, somewhere in September.

iPhone e edge to edge screen design concept

Expected iPhone 8 Price

There were very few exceptions when Apple changed the price for their newest iPhone model, so we can expect a slight pricing drop for the iPhone 7 models and have the iPhone 8 introduced at the same price point as the actual model.

However, if the expected “revolutionary features” will be introduced, there is also a possible scenario of having a price bump somewhat similar to what Apple did with the new MacBook Pro line. Meaning, we can expect two base versions of the iPhone 8, one with regular price and not really new features, and one more expensive with all the good stuff they will present at the event. If we look at the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar version, we can see a pattern. People will buy the more expensive device and no one will really complain about the price as you will be able to purchase a model with the old price as well, of course, no one will want a featureless iPhone. This is a very possible scenario regarding the new iPhone 8 price.

Expected iPhone 8 Features

If we put together all the rumors and leaked information regarding the iPhone 8 features, here is where we at right now:

  • An edge to edge screen is expected to be on the new iPhone 8, even a rounded screen.
  • Fingerprint sensor built into the screen
  • Glass back-panel in order to facilitate wireless charging
  • Even a bigger size than the iPhone 7 plus
  • OLED display

Based on one of Apple’s patent, there is also a scenario that a digital crown might be introduced in devices like the iPhone 8 or the new iPad. It is already used successfully in the Apple Watch and the patent shows the digital crown controlling iPhone and iPad like devices. BlackBerry had such a feature in their phones and it was quite popular so I would not be surprised if Apple is trying to reinvent the wheel, in a phone of course.


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