iOS 8.0.2 Passcode Bypass Hack Turned Out to Be Bogus

By | September 29, 2014

A five-minute video has been released on the YouTube channel called EverythingApplesPro, demonstrating a major security related hack. The bug exists in both the initial release of iOS 8 and the iOS 8.0.2 build, allowing an easy bypass of the passcode. With further testing it’s been determined that this is most likely just Touch ID acknowledging the thumbprint on a hair trigger.

So How Does It Work?

The video shows a detailed process and it seems quite easy, but it does have a low success rate. The hoax video shows that the flaw requires the Apple iPhone to be running either iOS 8 or iOS 8.0.2. The smartphone should be plugged into an outlet or a computer. Plus, the ‘Allow Hey Siri‘ setting should be turned on. So, according to the video, if everything is completed as per above, then anyone can break into someone’s iPhone, completely unchallenged.

The video shows that the intruder is able to make the most of this glitch by asking Siri a question. But before receiving an answer from Siri, the user has to press the home button and swipe to the right to avoid the security system of the iPhone.

Also mentioned is the fact that this glitch only works on rare occasions; it doesn’t work all the time. So, in our opinion, don’t let this be of any concern to iPhone users. It’s pretty obvious that Apple wouldn’t be concerned and won’t even mention this glitch.

So, we agree that iOS 8 certainly had some issues, however it appears that iOS 8.0.2 might not be as vulnerable as originally thought.

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