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By | February 3, 2017

Free Cloud storage to backup all your images and videos might seem like a dream but this dream was made a reality by Google and now you can store in the Cloud ALL your photos and videos, even the archives from your external hard drives or USB sticks. And, as a cherry on top, you get also a scanner App for your printed photos. On ALL your devices, Mac, Windows, iOS or Android. Read on to see how.

Google Photos might be the best (and cheapest) solution for you to backup all your photos and videos in the cloud!

Google is describing their photo and video cloud backup app like this:

Google Photos is a smarter home for all your photos and videos, made for the way you take photos today.

All you need to have is a Google account and install the App on all of your devices and your and your photos will be safely and automatically backed up in the cloud and available everywhere. The App has a beautiful and simple to use photo / video Gallery, similar to Apple’s Photo Gallery. Your photos will be nicely organized by date, location, albums, etc. All the good stuff you’d expect from a pro Gallery app.

1. Backup your Photos on iOS and Android

Install Google Photos App for iOS here and Android here. I would recommend you to let the App run in the background and you will definitely have a set-and-forget solution for backup up your photos and videos. The App will also let you know if your storage is close to full and will let you delete your backup up photos and videos from your phone with one click so you can go on and on with your photos without being worried about your storage. Isn’t that just beautiful?

Of course you’ll have the cool Gallery view on your device and even the possibility to edit your photos and videos within the App. Sharing photos & videos between accounts is also possible.

2. Backup your Photos on Mac and Windows

Download the Google Photos desktop version here and add your Google account. The App will run in the background and scan all your folders for photos or videos and will back them up automatically. Another set-and-forget solution. It is also capable of backing up in the cloud automatically external devices like a USB stick, external hard-drive, a camera or a connected phone. You don’t need to worry about backup up in the cloud your unwanted files or that the App might scan folders you don’t want to. After the installation and initial setup, Google Photos App will simply ask you which folders you allow it to scan.

The Gallery will open up in your default browser.

3. Manage Photos in the Cloud Using Your Browser

You can access your Photo / Video Gallery by using your browser here and you can also manage / create albums, shared albums, collage and even animations directly in your browser. You can also manually upload images in the web-app.

Of course, by using the browser, you’ll have a fantastic experience for browsing trough your images.

4. Scan Your Printed Photos with PhotoScan

PhotoScan App for iOS and Android will let you make glare-free scans with an easy step-by-step capture flow so you can have your printed photos backed up in the cloud. Of course, you need to take the time to do this and make several pictures of each printed photo in the glare elimination process, but still it’s an elegant solution!

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