Best Epic VPN for Fortnite: and Play Battle Royale from Anywhere

By | June 1, 2019

Many schools and workplaces use firewalls to control your Internet access. If you are addicted to Fortnite, the firewall will turn your connection into an enemy zombie, preventing you from engaging in a battle via the local network.

However, if you use a quality VPN to hide your connection, you will quickly find your way to the Fortnite servers.

A VPN is the easiest and safest way to unlock Fortnite. By hiding your IP address, a quality VPN can bypass firewalls and geoblocks to give you unlimited access to the Internet. In addition, since VPN encrypts your Internet traffic, your teacher or boss will not be able to see your online activities.

So, if you’re dreaming of a Victory Royale, simply follow our quick guide to unlocking Fortnite at school, at the office, or wherever you are. We will show you how to work around firewalls, and help you choose the VPN that best suits your needs.

The best VPN to unlock Fortnite – Short list

  1. NordVPN
    No more VPN blockages and firewalls with NordVPN’s broadband and unlimited data servers.
  2. ExpressVPN
    It’s easy to win a victory in Tilted Towers with ExpressVPN, the fastest premium VPN on the market.
  3. CyberGhost VPN
    Fast and easy, CyberGhost vpn works on virtually any device, including PS4 and Xbox One.
  4. VyprVPN
    Innovative Chameleon technology overcomes VPN firewalls and blockages so you can focus on destroying the enemy.
  5. IPVanish
    If discretion is important to you, IPVanish protects each of your devices with end-to-end encryption.

Why do you need a VPN to access Fortnite, and how does it work?

If you cannot do without Fortnite, having to disconnect at school or at the office can really ruin the day. How can you focus on your work while you are obsessed with your next Battle Royale challenge?

Schools and businesses use firewalls to prevent you from accessing websites that they consider distracting, and unfortunately many of them use this technology to block Fortnite. Even if you use your own device, blocking affects the entire network.

Of course, we do not encourage you to break the rules if this is likely to cause you trouble. However, we believe that everyone has the right to freely access the Internet. We do not want to force you to get away from your professional or academic obligations, but everyone needs a break!

A quality VPN can bypass the firewall of your network and unlock Fortnite in a few clicks. Indeed, it connects you to a remote server and assigns a virtual IP address to your device, which gives the illusion that you are accessing the game from a different location.

VPN also encrypts all your data so that network administrators and your ISP can not see your browsing activity. The firewall cannot detect the sites you are viewing, so it cannot stop you from playing!

With the right VPN, you will enjoy private broadband access to Fortnite. You will also be able to access other websites and blocked games wherever you are in the world. However, not all VPNs are equal, and you should be careful when choosing a VPN for Fortnite.

Epic Games blocking VPN usage to play Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite uses anti-VPN technology in Battle Royale mode to prevent users from cheating. If the system detects that you are using a VPN, you will not be able to play. Some users even claim that their accounts have been penalized after using a VPN.

According to the developers of the game, you simply cannot play if you have not disabled your VPN. You must choose a VPN that can bypass Fortnite VPN blocking without being detected. A sneak attack, what!?

The best VPN for Fortnite


With high-speed servers, unlimited data, and built-in DDoS protection, NordVPN is an ideal VPN for Fortnite. The provider has more than 5,000 servers in 62 countries and is constantly updating them to help you bypass VPN blocking.

NordVPN’s Dual VPN technology encrypts your Internet traffic not one, but twice, which guarantees complete anonymity. In parallel, its CyberSec feature protects you from unwanted malware and advertisements.

NordVPN offers applications and extensions for all major platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. You can even gather all your clan and connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.


With unlimited bandwidth and super-fast connections, ExpressVPN is a popular choice for playing Fortnite. It is particularly suitable for beginners because of its great ease of installation: you will be ready to play in less than five minutes!

You can use the innovative ExpressVPN split tunneling feature to stay connected to your office wireless devices via your local IP address while you play Fortnite via the VPN. This means that you can easily work and play at the same time!

Your browsing and personal information will remain secret thanks to 256-bit encryption ExpressVPN. In addition, the automatic Kill Switch stop button prevents unprotected data from being leaked to your shared network if your VPN connection is interrupted (which is rather rare).

ExpressVPN regularly updates the IP addresses of its servers to bypass anti-VPN software, making it ideal for Fortnite Battle Royale. Apps are available for almost any platform, including game consoles!


CyberGhost understands gaming enthusiast and comes equipped with 3000 broadband servers protected against DDoS attacks around the world. You will bypass firewalls and VPN blocking, while your online security and privacy will be provided by high-end security features such as an automatic kill switch.

CyberGhost is a favorite among many users, and the 45-day money back guarantee will give you plenty of time to understand the reasons behind this craze. You will appreciate the clear and visual user interface, as well as the ability to use VPN on 7 devices at a time.


VyprVPN’s exclusive Chameleon technology can easily bypass VPN firewalls and blockages. In addition, VyprVPN owns and manages its 700 servers, which gives it a considerable advantage in terms of speed and reliability.

Robust security features such as military grade encryption and DDoS protection will protect your personal information and prevent network administrators and your ISP from seeing your Fortnite sessions.

You can try VyprVPN today with the free 3-day trial. However, the VPN offers no guarantee satisfied or refunded after the trial period. You will need to decide quickly if this is your ideal VPN.


IPVanish offers all the VPN features you’ll need to play Fortnite, including end-to-end encryption for most major platforms and up to 10 simultaneous connections for all your clan devices!

The IPVanish user interface is really simple and user-friendly, and beginners in VPN will feel like pros. You will overcome supply cuts in no time!

A quality VPN is a simple, safe, affordable and secure way to unlock Fortnite wherever you are. Better yet, it will hide your Internet traffic and keep your gaming activity safe from the prying eyes of school administrators and your colleagues!

To learn more about the benefits of a VPN for your gaming experience and all of your online activities, check out our Beginner’s Guide to choose the VPN that’s right for you.

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