Ask Siri to Disable / Delete All Your Alarms

By | February 2, 2017

You might be a lazy person, like me, who is setting up alarms after alarms and then say “Wow, I don’t have the time to delete all these alarms!”. Well, there is an easy solution for this. Just ask Siri!

  • Siri – Delete all alarms. That is all you need to say and your alarms will be deleted.

You might also set up multiple alarms because you know, you just can’t get up in the morning by setting up a single alarm and just to be safe, you set 3, 4 or maybe 5 alarms that gradually let’s you know that is time to get up. But what if the party you have attended yesterday wasn’t so good so you went home to catch some sleep? I know, it’s an unlikely scenario, but let’s say what if? In the morning you are up and fresh after the first (or second) alarm. HA! And now, you are annoyed every time the next alarm goes off. There’s a solution for this as well!

  • Siri – Disable all alarms. Say this to Siri and now you’ll have quiet .
  • Siri – Enable all alarms. Say this before going to bed and now you’re sure that you’ll be fine in the morning.

Five more minutes, mom!

Sources are telling us that Apple is secretly working on a project for changing the snooze button with a voice command for Siri. “Five more minutes, mom!” is the replacement they want to have for the Snooze button by using Siri, but they say there must be a bug because every time this command is spoken, Siri comes back and says “Get up and get yourself a job young man or else you’ll be out of my house!” without activating the Snooze option.

Play it safe with your friends

Be careful when playing with your friends phone and using “Siri, delete all alarms” option. They might get into big troubles and we totally do not recommend you to play such tricks on your friends. They would never do something like this to you. Or do they?

Trolling time

After reading about this on Reddit and looking at the comments I had a lot of fun. Here are some examples:

Remind me the next semester. This needs to be implemented for sure!

Delete emails and blame the provider.

Sure, no problem. I have deleted all your albums.

Delete instead of disable. Harsh!

And they heard me snoring.

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