Apple Keynote 2017 Leaked Invitation

By | February 5, 2017

The above image is a supposedly leaked invitation for the Apple keynote event of 2017 where everyone is expecting to see the introduction on the 10 years anniversary iPhone 8.

There is no official confirmation regarding this leaked invitation, but of course, no leaked information regarding Apple events or products were ever confirmed beforehand.

If it is real, from how it looks, it seems that the whole event theme is based on wireless charging / no ports. If that would be the main feature to put focus on for the iPhone 8, that would not be something the people is expecting.

The information popped up on Reddit and no specific date was set nor rumored.

It also remains to be seen if for the announcement of the 10 years anniversary iPhone 8, Apples Chief Design Office, Jonathan Ive will participate on the Apple 2017 keynote scene. Hopefully he will do as I think many agrees with us when we say that he is a much better presenter than Tom Cook.

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