Apple AR Glasses to be Announced in 2017

By | February 8, 2017

We spoke earlier about a possible leaked invitation for Apple keynote and it looks like there might be a new product presented at the event, the Apple Glass. 2017 might be the year when we can see Apple’s take on Augmented Reality glasses.

The Source

It is not the first time when people talk about the possibility that Apple might introduce AR Glasses but this time it looks like that an employee of Carl Zeiss AG, the German lens manufacturer company, revealed the information to tech journalist, Robert Scoble, that Zeiss is working for Apple on the production of augmented reality glasses and that is possible the Apple will introduce the AR glasses by summer.

Apple’s take on Augmented Reality

Usually people are immediately reacting to such news that “Apple did not invented anything ever” and other things like that, but we must keep in mind one thing. Apple really knows how to improve a product, polish it to the perfection and present it to the public. Remember Palm PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant)? There were kind of a tough devices way before the first iPhone but not really took off. Microsoft had also a touch product before the iPhone and never gained popularity.

Google Glass was discontinued in 2015 because they could not really take the project in a direction where the glasses could be transformed into a mainstream product. However, Google is not strange to ditching publicly made projects when they consider that it’s not working out. On the other hand, Apple is brilliant at picking up such projects and turn them into gold. HP had the mouse way before Apple picked it up and they did not knew what to do with it.

When it comes to AR glasses, Apple needs to focus on many other things to make the Apple Glass a reality. Beside the odd aspect, the glasses made by Google had lack of hardware and software ready to make a product wearable and good enough for a longer period of time use. And, there was a lot of criticism regarding the safety of a person wearing the glasses and also privacy issues. These concerns needs to be carefully handled by Apple.

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

AR glasses are different from VR glasses so they are not to be confused. VR glasses made by Oculus, HTC and other manufacturers, puts you in a close environment, totally immersed in a digital reality world, while AR glasses are trying to create a mix of both worlds by putting a layer of digital reality on top of our regular view.

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