Android Wear Pay Popped Up in Google Play

By | February 8, 2017

Searching for your credit card or even your phone in stores might be a thing of the past, now that Android Wear Pay will be available directly from your wrist by using your smart watch! This information can be considered 100% official as it is taken directly from the Android Pay App in Google Play Store. Google may have released this info a bit ahead of it’s time, but hey, at least we know that this option is to be expected in the near feature.

Android Pay feature is to be expected on smart watches running Android Wear in early 2017 when Android Wear 2.0 will be released to the public.

Android Wear Pay on Existing Smart Watches

Apple and Samsung have been successfully implemented payment systems trough their smart watches, the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear, but even if you upgrade your smart watch to Android Wear 2.0, your watch needs to have NFC (Near-field Communication) chips and most of the actual smart watches running Android Wear does not have this feature unfortunately.

This means that you might need to invest in a new watch in order to make payments from your wrist. Before doing this, make sure that Android Pay is available in your country.

We know that LG and Google will release in the near feature smart watches with NFC chips and ready for Android Wear 2.0 Pay feature. To be up to date with the development and release date you can subscribe to our mailing list and you’ll be notified about the pros and cons so you can decide what is the best watch that fits your needs.


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