Alleged iOS 8 Jailbreak Presented on Reddit – Fake or Real?

By | September 15, 2014

According to the latest press release by the Cupertino Company on September 9th, Apple’s latest iOS 8 is due for release on 17th September. With only a few days to go we already have news of an iOS jailbreak.

On an image link posted to Reddit, wOrldello showed what looks like a screenshot of the PanGu app icon and the iOS 8 interface. Of course the iOS 8 hasn’t been released as yet but wOrldello claims to have successfully reverse engineered the PanGu jailbreak for the iOS 7.1.x.


Other Redditor jailbreakers have questioned the authenticity of the iOS 8 jailbreak, and have asked that wOrldello show them the code to enable them to test the exploit themselves. Many Redditors claim that the jailbreak is fake because in the original post you only see a screenshot of the installation of the jailbreak.

Since the posting of the image, wOrldello hasn’t proven the legitimacy of the exploit, therefore we believe it’s an unauthentic jailbreak. This jailbreak was designed for the iPhone 5s and it’s claimed that it was achieved by hex editing the binary code of the actual operating system.

There are been many demands by Redditors for further proof of the jailbreak, besides the screenshot of the PanGu installation, however wOrldello hasn’t delivered and the whole thing is being dismissed as a fake.

As the iOS 8 is just a couple of days away, users probably won’t be waiting too much longer before they have access to Apple’s latest operating system. For those with Apple devices that have been jailbroken, however, there could be a longer wait for the iOS 8 to be jailbroken.

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